Networking at the European level

Noord Brabant seeks links with other European regions in different networks.

Brabant cooperates in:

  • The House of the Dutch Provinces in Brussels: in the year 2000 the 12 Dutch provinces and the Association of Provincial Authorities (IPO) set up the House of the Dutch Provinces in Brussels (HNP).
  • The Committee of the Regions: the link between the European Union and the regions and municipalities.
  • Polis: a network of European cities and regions that work together on innovative transport technologies and policy.
  • The Vanguard Initiative: an initiative that is driven by a political commitment of regions to use smart specialization strategy for boosting new growth through bottom-up entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal in European priority areas.
  • CORAL: an European network of regions collaborating in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and Active and Healthy Ageing.
  • Districts of Creativity Network: 13 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world to share practices on harnessing the power of creativity.


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