International cooperation

Noord-Brabant is an innovative region with a flourishing export. Partly because of its favorable location, the province is attractive for international companies to settle.

Internationalization - making connections with foreign countries - ensures knowledge exchange, joint projects, flourishing trade and more investments through the internationalization of innovation cooperation program, trade promotion and investment promotion. The strategic use of the presence of a driver often makes the difference between a successful mission or a closed door. As a result, the province wants to continue to invest in administrative relations with our target regions abroad in the future.

The countries and regions where the province is committed to in the longer term: Japan, Jiangsu province in China, Israel, the US and European regions. In Europe, the province recognizes that cooperation, when it comes into being in a policy area, works best among equals, and these are other provinces / regions and federal states. To this end, for example, closer cooperation with local representation in southern Germany (BavariaBaden-Württemberg) has also been set up. Cooperation with the border region of Flanders and Flemish provinces such as Antwerp and Flemish Brabant has been further developed.

The province has outsourced trade promotion and investment promotion tasks to the BOM. The task of international innovation cooperation is carried out by the province itself by raising jointly with the Brabant knowledge institutes. For example the Brabant Innovation Days, whereas the province positions the knowledge institutes abroad, which leads to new business relationships, larger expenses in the area of R & D in the province and ultimately also to a better investment climate. The organization of Brabant Innovation Days in Japan, Israel and the US will be continued in the coming years.


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