Deze video gaat over About BrabantNEXT

We are merging our activities, and together with our colleagues we will face the challenges through an innovative way of working. This will enable us to the step towards a future-proof Brabant together.

Complex challenges

The complex challenges we face as a province, such as the housing challenge, the energy transition and the nitrogen problem, require a different approach from what we are used to. The interrelatedness of the issues makes finding solutions more complicated than ever. BrabantNEXT helps the provincial organisation develop skills that lead to innovative solutions. By approaching complex challenges in small steps. So no plans and processes that have been worked out to the last detail, but workable concepts. We always look from the point of view of the 'users': the people of Brabant.

Thinking and acting differently

Our common goal - to make Brabant even more beautiful and sustainable - can be reached in 3 ways.

1. Developing skills

In order to develop a different way of thinking and acting, we offer the experience programme Innovative Working. In five months' time, employees from all layers of the organisation are taught the skills to handle an issue they are already working on, in an innovative way. At an individual level and during training days, they will learn the intricacies of innovation. The route to innovative working consists of five phases: dreaming, thinking, daring, diving and doing. Participants are assisted by innovation coaches, trainers and experts in going through these five phases.

2. Innovation projects

The organisation is working on various innovation projects on different topics. BrabantNEXT facilitates the innovation process and offers support in the implementation of projects where needed.

3. Pioneering in the BrabantNEXT Makerspace

BrabantNEXT also has a physical creative hub: the Werkplaats on the Tramkade in Den Bosch. A place where all colleagues get to be pioneers. To work with students, otherpublic institutes, entrepreneurs and other partners (such as Brabant Kennis) to tackle innovative challenges. Where the focus is not just on research, but also on devising, testing and implementing innovative concepts. Students from secondary vocational education and higher professional education work on projects in multidisciplinary teams: we currently have three ongoing projects: A focus on the people of Brabant – Unknown Voice - 15% Biological Agriculture