The first impact session was held on 3 June, with a focus on dementia. For more information, please see the report.

However, one successful session is not enough! A joint effort is still needed to bring tried and tested innovations to the market. This, in turn, requires more stakeholders from the financial world and scalable innovations have to be more visible in order to attract investors. Living Labs in the Netherlands and abroad can play a key role in this. After all, entrepreneurs want to test their innovative products and services in a variety of European contexts so that they can more effectively demonstrate their impact and scalability to investors and purchasers.

We are therefore keen to invite our network in Brabant to attend the second international impact session to be held on 23 September during the AAL Forum in Gent. This session, which is going to take place between 4.00 and 5.30 p.m., is going to focus on solutions for Longer Independent Living and is an integral element of the AAL Forum.


Just as on 3 June, the day is again going to be an active one, with entrepreneurs from Brabant and other European regions giving pitches on tried and tested innovations to help people live at home for longer. A panel of experts will provide feedback on the innovations presented. Together with active contributions by those attending (including a number of Living Labs), the goal is to choose the most outstanding innovation from the session. The winner will receive expert supervision to help him or her continue marketing his or her innovation. The session is to be international in nature and the official language is therefore going to be English.

In short, it is going to be a session with an impact!

Following on from that Health@Home, together with Coral and Health Cluster Europe, are organising an evening programme with dinner for a mixed international group of participants.

The new member of the Provincial Executive for Quality of Life & Culture, Henri Swinkels, will be present during both the afternoon and evening sessions. It is going to be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better!

Call for pitches on products/services relating to Longer Independent Living.
If you are an entrepreneur, or you know one, with a second stage* product/service related to Longer Independent Living who would like to hold a pitch for his/her product, please contact Astrid Kaag, coordinator of the Health@Home learning network via

The second stage innovation must fulfil the following characteristics:

  • The innovation has been developed in co-creation with end users and the innovation is based on a user-centric design.
  • The innovation has been tested on small-scale in a Living Lab and is ready for the market.
  • The innovation is scalable, meaning that it can be used in a variety of situations/contexts.
  • Proof of concept of the innovation is available on the basis of user feedback.
  • The social and economic impact of the innovation is measurable and the impact in question is linked directly to (a) business model(s) and an expected (social and economic) return on investment.

Please feel free to forward this call for pitches to members of your network!


Invest now in the next step and register using the AAL Forum registration form.

The fact that the session is an integral part of AAL Forum means you have to register for the event. You can do so for 1 day (23 September only) or for the entire conference programme (23-24 September). A number of interesting sessions are going to take place on 24 September which are being organised jointly with our partners in Brabant and Europe.

Brabant, Region of Smart Health

The Health@Home learning meetings are being organised by the provincial government of Noord-Brabant to bring parties together from the world of care and technology as well as entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions in order to work together to find solutions for the care needs of tomorrow. In this way Brabant wants to become a Region of Smart Health.


The 4th Health@Home learning meeting