The deal indicates that they wish to create a breakthrough in the use of eHealth for and by people with dementia.

EHealth is no pipe dream, it is readily available. It improves the lives of people who need care today. However, eHealth is underutilised. Four regional deals are set to change that. “It’s great to see innovative regions showing us what they can do,” said Secretary of State Van Rijn at the signing of the deals at the Europahuis in Amsterdam. “They will provide care innovation.”

Core values of Brabant’s approach

In Brabant’s Dementia Deal all the stakeholders from Brabant working on dementia and eHealth collaborate closely creating a learning ecosystem. Eight core values typify Brabant’s approach: meeting and inspiration, form and variation, learning and innovation, daring and doing. The officials involved indicated which role they saw for their organisation in the implementation of the DementieDeal.

Local customisation is essential

“The provincial government can set up meetings between local cooperation initiatives so that knowledge and experience can be shared,” says member of the provincial executive Henri Swinkels. “By highlighting initiatives all over Brabant we can also inspire others to start working with partners in their own, local network.” This approach deserves national emulation which is why Brabant is collaborating with Gooi en Vechtstreek and Amsterdam.

Caroline Hummels of TU/e Industrial Design indicated that researchers and product designers contribute by finding eHealth solutions that are properly aligned with people in their own situations by working and learning in local practice. Local customisation is an essential factor.

Providing space and doing

Stimulating the use of eHealth demands social innovation and mutual learning in communities of practice as is the case at the Brabant Testing Ground for Dementia [Proeftuin Dementie]. Willem Kieboom of De Wever, partner in this testbed, is convinced this approach works. He wants to advocate sufficient space for this type of learning in his organisation. The Brabant Testing Ground for Dementia has proven nationally that this approach works. Nathalie van der Zanden a councillor from Helmond explained how municipalities can ensure that knowledge from all exemplary initiatives is used in practice in collaboration with inhabitants, care and welfare organisations. For instance by purchasing tried and tested eHealth concepts in innovative ways. This demands daring and decisiveness.

Dementia Deal Brabant

The Brabant Dementia Deal programme works to improve access to tried and tested products and services. For example, people suffering from the early – to mid-stages of dementia can continue to live at home independently in a safe, comfortable manner. And caregivers can combine their care tasks with other daily activities better.


Signing of Dementia Deal underlines Brabant’s approach