Brabant Region of smart health

The province of Noord-Brabant therefore stimulates cooperation, knowledge sharing and the development of such new services and products. Policy focuses primarily on the business community, education and social organisations. This is effected through two approaches: Health@Home and LifeTec. Furthermore, the provincial government is developing the Brabant, Region of Smart Health network that focuses on familiarisation with the new world of care and the exchange of knowledge and experiences.


Using Health@Home we work on themes such as dementia, informal care, self-management and eHealth in learning networks. These enable companies and social organisations together with the elderly, patients and caregivers to find suitable new and/or technological solutions to enable people to continue living at home in a healthier way. The provincial government hereby collaborates with the European Coral and Engaged networks.


LifeTec stands for Life Sciences and Medical Technology. This approach enables entrepreneurs to utilise investment funds to market their products. It helps the provincial government stimulate innovation in medical technology which, in turn, provides opportunities for new entrepreneurship at home but also for export.

Brabant, Region of Smart Health

Brabant, Region of Smart Health is a resilient network of all the relevant players in care who, together, seek solutions for affordable care.
Brabant is good at innovation and collaboration. The provincial government wholeheartedly stimulates this, also in the care sector. Getting to know each other, speaking one another’s language and jointly looking for new products and services varying from medical technology to products and services that help people to keep living healthy lives in their own homes is of great importance. This is why the provincial government is developing the Brabant, Region of Smart Health network.
Brabant positions itself nationally and internationally as Brabant, Region of Smart Health by engaging in European projects and being present at (inter)national events. Because expressing Brabant’s strength helps attract new knowledge and business as well as providing opportunities for the export of new products and services.

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