In fact, these businesses often run into difficulties while trying to find regular financing. The current (public and private) systems are not designed for businesses that have a positive impact on people, planet ánd profit.

The Brabant Outcomes Fund Approach

That is why the Brabant Outcomes Fund is encouraging cooperation and shared responsibility within and between government organisations and between public and private parties. We are collaborating in practice and learning on the job about the system change that is needed to achieve well-being for everyone.

Round 1

During the first round of the Brabant Outcomes Fund we offered working capital in the form of social impact bonds. Four businesses concluded results-based contracts in 2019 and received pre-financing from three financiers. Currently these businesses work to achieve the agreed societal results. Read more about round 1.

Round 2

We are currently working on designing the second round of the Brabant Outcomes Fund which will include the lessons learned and experiences gained from round 1. The balance between people, planet ánd profit is central in this investment round. Investments take the form of working capital and loans, for both young business as business that want to grow. Lastly, we are increasing the size of the fund in order to have an even more positive impact. Read more about round 2.