Street with cyclists
At the same time, far-reaching social developments demand an innovative approach. The direct consequences of the financial, energy and climate crises requires the province to reflect on the future of Brabant.

The mission of the Brabant Agenda is to create an excellent environment for economic and social development towards a high quality of life and, through this, to achieve a innovative and globally competitive region.

In order to create an investment strategy focused on the future, the Agenda of Brabant has been used as the basis for formulating a number of criteria and proposing five investment areas that fit the province’s new profile and set of responsibilities:

  • Knowledge: long-term innovation and smart craftmanship
  • The accessible region
  • Quality of life: top facilities in the areas of sport and culture
  • Brabant mosaic: the development of towns, villages and countryside, focusing on cultural heritage and regional identity
  • Nature and landscape

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